Pudde Part 1

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We will tell you about a young woman called Pudde, who adopted six orphans.



When Pudde was a young girl on her way to Sunday school she arrived in the church as the first person. A large mysterious looking shopping bag caught her eye. As she had a closer look she was shocked to find a newborn baby in the bag!
Around the baby’s wrist was a note on which was written, “Please some one take good care of my little girl and give her a good home.”
Pudde hurried home and told her parents who immediately followed her to the church to see for themselves. They decided right away to adopt the little girl and to give her a safe future. The girl, Dorris is now 17 years old and is in 9th class.


Pudde became a teacher. For the time being she is teaching school not far from where we live.
Unfortunately, Pudde’s mother fell seriously ill and was in hospital for six months. Pudde had to take over responsibility for Dorris as the mother no longer was able to have her.


Pudde approached us recently for help and Tabitha went to inspect her living conditions. Tabitha was in shock at the sight. The area is close to being slum.
They live in a small mud-built room 3 x 4 mts with a dirt floor – and no electric current nor water. They have a ¾ bed for six persons. They are lying across the bed to get room for all. One is sleeping at the couch. The roof leaks and rain is coming down. When it rains at nights they get wet and oftentimes sick. This is awful.



In Denmark not even domestic animals would not be permitted to live like this.


Their next door neighbour is a witch doctor who casts evil spirits on them as he does not want any Christians in the vicinity. Dorris is attacked by the spirits and during the nights she barks like a dog.
Several times she has been examined in a hospital, but the doctors keep saying that nothing is wrong with her. Now Christians are praying that the demons may come off of her.



As a child Pudde witnessed how her parents took care of the needy and she felt a call to help. Therefore she adopted five orphans. Parents of two of the children died from AIDS. Other
parents died a road death. Two siblings have been orphans since their father died from AIDS and their mother suddenly disappeared. Now Dorris moved into this room which is crowded already.



After the visit at Pudde’s house we could not get her out of our mind. So we decided to help her find a better place to live. Besides, this would remove them from the witch doctor.


For the amount of 250 DKK per month she will be able to get two rooms with electric current and water. Thank you for remembering Pudde and the children in your prayers so that a solution to their problems may be found.


We receive school fees for all the children except for Dorris. We have found a good Christian boarding school, unfortunately somewhat expensive, but we judge it to be the best school for her. She needs to soak in a place full of God’s love. School fees are 500 DKK per month. If two sponsors would pay each 250 DKK it would not be an enormous amount.


Our prayer is that the Lord will enable us to help Pudde and her six children financially. A one-time amount is fine too, all will enable her to get on.


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Her kommer lidt nyt fra Tanzania. Håber det kan give dig lidt opmuntrende læsning her i pinsen.

Du ønskes en glædelig pinse

Solskins hilsner


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