Mswakini report for food distribution

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Since the month of September 2011 we have given out around 20 Kg of maize twice a month to 350 families. Amongst those there were 38 old women, 5 old men, 2 deaf and mute, 8 sick people and 249 women with children of the age of 0-5 ( in all 459 children )



When we started distributing it was so dry that we were totally covered in dust from top to bottom. At least we could go home and bath and change clothes, but for those families it meant they had to live 24 hours with this every day.


At the end of November it started to rain and everybody got very busy planting maize and beans in the fields. But unfortunately the rain only lasted for a couple of weeks and the small plants couldn’t survive in the dry and the burning sun. In January they started planting again, since this usually is the rainy season, but once more it didn’t rain enough and the plants died again. The good news are, however, that it has rained most of April, and people have been able to plant 3 times. If it keeps raining to the end of June they’ll get a great harvest. God knows how important this is and we have therefore put it in his hands.


Last week Alex one of our Masai co-workers said: Mama if it doesn’t rain within the next 3 days the plants will die. He was very worried, so I said : Let’s pray , because I know God loves you people in Mswankini. And imagine it started to rain and kept raining for 3 days. Alex was very surprised that it only had rained in his area and had a hard time understanding this, but was very happy and believes that they’ll get a great harvest this year. But for me it wasn’t so surprising since I know that God can make it rain wherever he wants, and especially with all praying so hard for this. This just goes to prove that God listens to our prayers and answers although at times it seems long. But He never forgets you!


The 30th of April was the last day for our food distribution and it was an exciting day. Even though it was raining the people lined up happy to get food.. It was so touching. People had come from other areas far away to ask for food. So we decided to give them what was spilled on the floor, so not a single grain was lost.



After the distribution was finished the people kept staying and I thought it might be because of the rain. But no, the chief was to hold a speech saying THANK YOU (His speech I’ll send to you later). Thanks to your generosity this has been possible. The women had sown a Masai dress and made earrings and necklace as well for me as a gift of thanks. I looked like a beautiful Masai bride , and they all laughed, cheered and made their special sound with their tongue out of happiness. It really touched me deeply. At the very end 3 of the oldest men came and prayed for Mswankini, rain and a good harvest. They also Thanked God for all of you and your help. It was so touching hearing their sincere prayers. They asked me to tell you when I come to Denmark not to forget the people of Mswankini in your prayers.



May God Bless each of you in abundance for what you have done for one of God’s smallest ones

Written by Mirjam Bjerre

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    [post_content] =>  I den uge, hvor Torkild var af sted på børnekampagne, skete der noget, som rystede os dybt. During the week when Torkild was away something happened that shook us deeply.  
Vores tyske venner og naboer, Rosy og Friedhelm, var blevet syge (I husker sikkert, at vi mange gange har skrevet om Friedhelm, som har bygget adskillige kirker sammen med Torkild i store dele af Tanzania). Rosy skrev til os for at høre, hvordan vi havde det, for de havde fået feber og følte sig meget dårlige. Deres tjenestepige havde fået konstateret covid-19 og var meget syg. Tilsyneladende havde hun smittet Rosy og Friedhelm.
Jeg foreslog straks, at de skulle søge læge, men Rosy sagde, at Friedhelm var så dårlig, at han ikke ville kunne sidde i en bil for at komme hen til lægen. Det lykkedes at få lægen til at komme hjem til dem. Friedhelm blev indlagt på et missionshospital ca. 150 km fra Arusha, hvor der også arbejder læger fra Vesten.
Dagen efter Torkilds hjemkomst ringede Rosy for at fortælle, at Friedhelms tilstand var forværret. Han skulle muligvis flyves til et hospital i Dar es Salaam eller Nairobi. Hun havde glemt deres pas, så Torkild besluttede at hente passene og køre til hospitalet sammen med vores chauffør, Hilary, for at se, hvordan han kunne hjælpe.
Lægen havde i mellemtiden snakket med Rosy og frarådet at flytte Friedhelm, da hans tilstand var yderst kritisk. Problemet på de fleste hospitaler i Tanzania er, at man ikke har respiratorer. Det var det, de manglede til Friedhelm.
Ved middagstid dagen efter, Torkild var kommet frem til hospitalet, sov Friedhelm stille og fredfyldt ind.
Sikke et chok for hans kone, som ikke havde nogen fra familien omkring sig. Hun begyndte straks at ringe til børnene for at fortælle, at deres far var gået bort.
Liget skulle flyttes fra hospitalet inden aften samme dag, da de ikke har noget kølehus til opbevaring. Hilary kørte liget i Friedhelms bil, og Torkild tog Rosy med i vo¬res bil. De kørte til et hospital i Arusha, hvor Friedhelm kom på køl. 
Derefter blev bilen desinficeret indvendig, og Hilary blev også sprøjtet over med denne væske. Han kom helt våd hjem til mig om aftenen og spurgte: ”Åh, mama, må jeg ikke få et hurtigt bad og låne noget tørt tøj?” 
Friedhelm havde tidligere givet udtryk for, at han gerne ville begraves i Tanzania. Han fik sådan en flot begra¬velse – en konge værdig. Han blev begravet ved vores FPCT-kirke i Ngaramtoni; det er den lokale kirke, vi samarbejder med.
Han efterlader sig kone og 4 børn. En af sønnerne kom for at deltage i begravelsen.


Our German friends and neighbors, Friedhelm and Rosy fell ill (you probably remember that we wrote about Friedhelm many times. He built several churches with the help of Torkild in large parts of Tanzania). Rosy wrote to us to hear how we were doing because they had gotten a temperature and felt bad. Their maid was very ill with covid-19. Seemingly, she had passed it on to Friedhelm and Rosy.
I immediately suggested that they saw a doctor, but Rosy said Friedhelm was so sick that he could not sit in a car to get to the doctor. Finally, the doctor instead came to their house. Friedhelm was admitted to a missionary hospital approx. 150 km from Arusha with doctors from the West. 
The day after Torkild’s return Rosy called and said that Friedhelm’s condition had worsened. Possibly he would be taken by plane to a hospital in Dar es Salaam or Nairobi. She had forgotten their passports so Torkild decided to take the passports to the hospital with our driver, Hilary to see if he could help.
In the meantime, the doctor had talked to Rosy and advised her not to move Friedhelm as his condition was extremely critical. The problem is that most Tanzanian hospitals do not have any respirators. And they needed one for Friedhelm.
At noon the following day after Torkild had arrived in the hospital, Friedhelm passed away, quietly and peacefully.
It was big a shock to his wife who had no relatives around her. She immediately began calling the children to inform them of their father’s passing. 

The body had to be moved from the hospital before evening on the same day, as they have no cooling rooms. Hilary drove the body in Friedhelm’s car and Torkild took Rosy in our car. They drove to a hospital in Arusha where Friedhelm was put in a cooler. 
Friedhelm had earlier expressed that he wanted to be buried in Tanzania. He received a truly royal funeral. He was buried at our FPCT church in Ngaramtoni, which is the local church that we work with.
He leaves behind his wife and four children. One of the sons came to be a part of the funeral.


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During the week when Torkild was away something happened that shook us deeply.