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Dearly beloved friends
We have been out to a new Masai area where one practically is running over hill and dale. Never have we been on such a bad road.
There was 10 km dirt road with stones as shown in the picture.
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We went to see the pastor and his wife who were very encouraged that we wanted to come. The meeting was outdoors because they do not have a church. The pastor is a Masai and he started a church among his people in an area where there was practically no Christian activity. The pastor never ever went to school. As a boy he was shepherding domestic animals in the field, and he never learned to read or write. When he became a Christian as a grown-up he got a strong desire to attend Bible school. Very quickly – in a miraculously way – he learned to read and write. The ability seemed to be given as a gift from God to him.
They told us about women who come running with a cup and ask to have it filled with maize. But they have neither money nor food. It is not always easy to pastor under such difficult conditions. Fortunately we had brought a bag with 100 kg of maize to the pastor, who also was needy.
We could see for ourselves that there was an urgent need for help. The place looked like almost a desert. Everything was brown, dry and dusty because of a prolonged drought. They got their drinking water from a hole – it looked like oil.

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It must be really hard for the families to not have any food to put on the table. The children get big bellies and other signs of malnutrition.
According to the pastor most families got only one meal a day, consisting of a small mug of ugali. We have therefore decided to give emergency in this new area together with our daughter, Mirjam. This means that at the moment we are running emergency aid to three different areas of the Masai country: Mswakini, as you may recall, Losimingori, and Olkokola.
A sack of maize with 100 kg costs 220 Danish kroner. We will be so happy and thankful if some of you would like to help these poor people. Fortunately it seems that they will get a crop this year, as they now have rain, but they can only begin to harvest in late July.
During maize distribution, each household receives a large bucket of maize of 20 kg. Two weeks later we come back and give them a similar portion.
Almost every Masai “boma” (household) have a donkey that is used to transport their goods, as they often travel over large distances. They get their drinking water very far away – it is often a trip of 6-8 hours.
We hope that some of you reading this may want to help, so we can buy maize and help them survive until they get a new harvest.

Hjælper man den hjælpeløse, udlåner man til Herren; han betaler rigeligt igen. Ordsp. 19:17
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Tabitha and Torkild

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I dag er det min fødselsdag, men jeg skriver ikke fordi det er det vi skal fejre.   . Men jeg vil utrolig gerne fejre at vi nu har rundet de første 100 børn vi har hjulpet til at få et værdigt liv. Det synes jeg er værd at fejre, gør i ikke? 
Jeg har vedhæftet sidste nyt og med nogle dejlige opdateringer med nogle af de skønne børn der er i behandling lige nu. Jeg elsker det arbejde vi får lov til at gøre blandt de mange fattige børn, det er så livgivende. Og nu gælder jeg mig til at lande i Tanzania igen 20 september og bruge en måned med at tilse de mange projekter vi har gang i. Tak at i vil være med til at bede for den tur. Der skal en gruppe på 11 med ud så det bliver rigtig spændende for dem at opleve "mit Afrika".
Solen skinner så smukt i dag, jeg må have været sød i år 🙂 Jeg takker Gud for hver gang solen skinner og det er dejligt vejr! For mig er det en gave, så det var en dobbelt god gave i dag, sol, varm og 100 børn.
Tak for fantastisk samarbejde

Solskins hilsner fra lille Karstoft
Mirjam og Per

Bjerres Mission

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